Save Money on your Entertainment

We want everyone to enjoy high-end professional entertainment. That's why we created the following discounts and programs to help save you money.



Save when you bundle multiple services for your event!



Save money on select dates, up to 50% off!

Preferred Vendor


Save up to $100 when you book with one of our preferred vendors!



Give and receive up to a $100 credit when you refer us a new booking client



Save up to 50% when booking one of our DJ's in Training!


Bundle Discount

Book multiple services with Impossible Entertainment for major discounts!

2 Services  :  10% OFF

3 Services  :  15% OFF

4 Services  :  20% OFF

Most Popular Bundles:

DJ Service + Photo Booth (10%off) = Up to                                                                 $300 saved

Photography + Videography (10% off) = Up to                                                           $750 saved

DJ Service + Photo Booth + Photography (15% off) = Up to                                  $1000 saved

DJ Service + Photo Booth + Photography + Videography (20% off) = Up to  $2100 saved

Discount Days

For a short time, we are offering the following dates at a discounted rate

July 11    :  20% OFF

July 17   :  15% OFF

July 24 :  15% OFF

August 21 : 10% OFF

List is updated every month. Mention "Discount Day" in your quote request.


Preferred Vendors

We work well with all vendors, but have established great relationships with these vendors in particular and would like to encourge you to book with them.

Mountain View Chalet

Stanton Ridge Golf & Country Club

Hawk Pointe Golf Club

If you book with any of these vendors, you save the following when you book us for the same event.

Standard Events  :  $50 off

Sweet 16s/ Mitzvahs : $75 off

Weddings : $100 off


Referral Program

Earn credit towards your next event by referring new clients to us.

If a new client books with us, and gives us your name, you earn money!

Standard Events  :  $50

Sweet 16s/ Mitzvahs : $75

Weddings : $100

Referral credits acculumate, do not expire, and can be stacked on top of ongoing deals.

The new client must give us your name BEFORE booking. We are not mind readers, if we don't know that it's a referral, we can't give you credit.


Training Program

Our young DJs are training! and experience is the best teacher. Hire a DJ-In-Training to help them grow, and save some dough.

Request the following DJ's for the associated discount.

DJ Radd (Akasha Raddalgoda) : 50% off

Disclaimer: DJs-In-Training have not completed their DJ training and cannot be held to the same standard as a fully trained Impossible Entertainment DJ. Refunds will not be issued for poor performance.

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