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cost of a wedding
  • National Average: $33,000

  • New Jersey Average: $45,000

  • Pennsylvania Average: $32,000



on a budget


VENUE:  You need somewhere to get married, but how big or lavish is up to you. With creative lighting and decorations you can dress up a simple space to fit your needs. While backyard weddings seem enticing, when you consider the cost to hire a company to set up a tent, tables, dancefloor, and possibly a generator, a small venue may be more affordable. Couples also find themselves thankful for simple luxuries like heating or air conditioning on some days with non-ideal weather. What you can control is your venue space, but what you cannot control is your weather the day of! 

CATERER:  If not provided by the venue, this cost is dictated by guest count. To save money on your caterer, a small and intimate wedding is best. Also consider an hors d'oeuvres only reception (Finger food is great!). Some couples and their wedding guests have also found enjoyment out of cupcakes or a donut wall over a large, well-decorated wedding cake. 

DJ/MC: We obviously think that a DJ/MC is important. But consider that your MC is responsible for the flow of the majority your event. They tell everyone what is happening when, and where to look. Without direction, your guests may miss an important part of the night. You can save money by eliminating the frills. Keep the DJ, but eliminate the up-lighting or other "extras". 

PHOTOGRAPHER:  This is a special night that you don't want to forget. The photographer is by your side the whole time capturing your memories indefinitely. You can reduce cost by shortening the time that they are there or by reducing the number of final edits they provide. 

OFFICIANT:  Someone has to marry you! A professional officiant will make sure that your ceremony is unique and special. They will also ensure that your marriage paperwork is filed properly so that you are actually legally married.


There are a lot of other parts to a traditional wedding. But every wedding is unique and there is no wrong way to get married. Here are a few tips to save some money on your wedding:

  • Use online save-the-dates and invitations. Free websites like Zola offer a lot of online services

  • Make your own centerpieces and decorations. Find a friend with a Cricut or Silhouette cutter for fancy DIY stationary. Utilize 3D printing for small decorations. You can usually find these resources at a local Maker Space.

  • Ask a friend to sing/play an instrument for your ceremony. Just make sure they have the right equipment to sound their best, so everyone has a pleasant experience.

  • If you have a valuable skill that could benefit a small business, consider bartering/ trading services with your vendors. Please understand, no one is interested in "working for exposure," but they might be interested in improving their website SEO.

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