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Impossible Entertainment NJ

New Jersey's Impossible Wedding DJs!

In November of 2014, Impossible Entertainment was born. The Impossible Entertainment brand was created to "raise the bar" of professional DJ services. Impossible Entertainment is no "cookie cutter" DJ service. We make it a priority to create a truly unique and memorable experience for our clients and guests. We want to make your impossible event, possible! 

Impossible Entertainment provides wedding DJ entertainment services, as well as various private event DJ services out of Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. We love to travel!

We work with a team of talented artists and skilled technicians to ensure that each event is given the attention and effort that our clients deserve.  

Let us help you stress less on choosing the right entertainment for your event, so you can spend more time on enjoying it. But don't just take our word for it, check out our client reviews! 

The Impossible Entertainment brand is truly a unique small business with our client's best interest in mind. Here are some important aspects that demonstrate our commitment to a client first perspective: 

  • We have transparent contracts with terms and conditions that not only protect our company, but also our clients.

    • Refundable periods and amounts clearly labeled

    • Our company obligations, and our expectations of clients are clearly displayed without complex and confusing legal jargon. 

  • We provide upfront pricing on our website for all of our services, and upgrades.

    • This provides confidence that you are getting our best price right away, on demand! This shows we respect our client's time and energy, without asking for personal contact information.

    • There's no "bait and switch" tactics.

  • We are a professionally registered business and maintain general liability insurance.

    • This helps provide clients with extra peace of mind that we are serious about what we do and our quality of work. 

Impossible Entertainment Headquarters

New Jersey

531 Us Hwy 22 East, Suite 190

Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

Tel: 1-908-894-9089

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