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Do what you never thought you could do.

Be who you always wanted to be!

Impossible Entertainment started with a simple idea: Be the entertainer that I want at my party. Years later, we are pushing boundaries and rising higher than anyone thought possible.

Having a passion for music and lights is key to being a DJ, but having a passion for fun is the sign of a great Entertainer.

With a focus on fun, every member of the Impossible Team is taught to have a strong attention to detail, and an internal sense of professionalism.

With a common philosophy (raise the bar. every. day) we listen to new music, mix new combinations, and practice speaking clearer in an effort to be the best entertainers that we can be.


Learn about our app which takes care of planning, song requests, and timeline. Find out how to share with your friends and get them involved in the party as well!


Find articles on the latest industry trends, wedding tips, our DJ's random thoughts, and other fun topics!


What is your DJ style?

Fun! No really, we play all kinds of music and put our energy into creating unique, enthusiastic, and memorable events.

Can we come see you at another event?

While it's true, that used to be a thing that happened, it's just not polite anymore. We wouldn't let anyone crash your wedding, so we can't let future couples do that either.

Are you familiar with our venue?

Probably. We've seen a lot of venues. But if we haven't made it to yours yet, we'll schedule a time to walk through and meet the venue staff.

Do you take requests?

That's up to you. We are happy to take requests if you'd like. 

Will you play our favorite songs?

Of course! We have an app where you can request all your favorite songs. It also takes care of planning, timeline, and can even take guest requests. Check out our music app.

What do you need the venue to provide?

How much time do you require for setup

For most weddings, 2 hours is plenty. However, depending on the size we may request extra time.

How do you handle overtime?

If you would like to celebrate past the "end time," simply ask the DJ if they can stay for overtime. It is the discretion of the DJ if they accommodate the request (Most of the time it's a yes).

What is your payment schedule?

We ask for a 50% deposit when you book, and the remainder 7 days prior to the event. We recommend paying the balance early so it's one less thing to think about on your big day.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes Impossible Entertainment is insured up to $2 million. There is no licensing board for DJ's so a license does not apply to our industry. However, we have company operating policies that all employees review regularly.

How do you encourage shy people to dance?

This is where we shine! We pride ourselves on being interactive and enthusiastic. We combine reading the audience and playing the most popular songs, with crowd involvement. We like to walk throughout the room and get to know your guests. Being more personable makes everyone more comfortable and encourages dancing.

What are your rates?

We have different rates depending on the type of event. Different events require different levels of preparation, equipment, expertise, and time. The rates for each event reflect these varying levels of complexity.

Do you offer other services?

We offer many services that may not be listed on our website. We are event professionals and can handle many scenarios big or small. If there is something that you need, that we do not have, we can reach out in our network and get it. For a special event, request a quote and we'll make it happen!

All we require is enough space and electricity. we ask for 2 15A outlets (standard US outlet). If we will be performing outside, we require shelter. We can provide a generator or shelter for an additional cost if the venue cannot provide them.

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