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DJ James

James Stout

PA Owner , DJ , MC

In 2022, James and Kyle formed a partnership to help grow the Impossible Entertainment grow. James formed an independent franchise "Impossible Entertainment PA" that he currently owns and manages, to provide the same high quality standard of mobile DJ services to clients in Pennsylvania. 

DJ James began performing professionally as a DJ in 2017. He landed his first public gig at the Lehigh Valley's largest bar and nightclub in the area in that year. He continued to learn and craft his DJ skills by working and networking with other experienced and award winning DJs. James' demand to perform at private events and weddings began in summer of 2018. After doing several solo weddings and larger private events. James met Kyle while working a summer job in college together. Kyle later discovered James' DJ talents and naturally began working together at events to form a solid entertainment team. 


Since a young child, James had a unique liking to music. He spent time learning the basics of several instruments, including guitar from middle school through college. During high school, James took a music production class and started to understand basic concepts of music and song structure. In college, he studied aviation and earned his private pilot license. While in college, he began to DJ for private parties, college, and co-worker functions. James has a passion for music, and an outgoing personality with and loves to create fun memories!


Guest and client happiness are at the forefront of his performances while adding a skilled variety of music and smooth transitions.

James Stout suit.jpg

James' favorite genres to perform: 

  • EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

  • Hip-Hop

  • Top 40s

  • Pop

  • 80s

  • 2000s

  • Pop-Punk


Favorite genre's to listen to: 

  • Almost any! 


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