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This app gives your DJ valuable insight into your music taste and your guest's taste, allowing them to customize your party and provide the best experience possible!

As the host, you have ultimate authority. You can edit event details and any of the music.

Invite a few close friends, or everyone! Click "Invite Guests" to send the link to your friends. We recommend sending via text message.

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  1. Follow the link provided by your DJ (must click the link from a phone). Download the app.

  2. Create a profile. We recommend signing in with Facebook so your profile picture shows up!

  3. You're In!


This app is not only for music requests, it also has our event questionnaire built in. This info helps us personalize every event.


Next to each section you can set the time of that activity and create a timeline for your event too.


Choose all your requests right from your phone. Go to the music section and click the red + . The app uses Youtube as it's primary search engine so you can find almost any song imaginable! You can also intgrate music from your Spotify or Apple Music playlists as well! 


(Disclaimer: We don't DJ using Youtube, it's just used in the app)

We recommend adding your 10 favorite songs as "must plays," and then fill in the rest with your friends. A typical 4 hour event is about 80 songs, so there's no need to overdo it (we put a 50 song limit to discourage this).


Details: This is where all the info for your event is saved. It has your date, venue, and DJ listed.​

Music: This is the magic! Here you can add songs from Youtube, Spotify, or our recommended playlists. You can even add an entire Spotify playlist if you'd like.

Invite Guests: The more the merrier! Invite your guests so they can request their favorite songs. Like each other's requests and it moves up the ranking. Don't worry, the host has the final say, and the DJ won't play any songs on your "do not play" list.

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For a quick walkthrough, check out this video

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