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Livestream any occasion

Perfect for including friends and family who cannot attend in person

  • Weddings

  • Bridal Showers

  • Virtual Performances

  • Open Houses

  • Conferences

Professional Video

4K video cameras provide the best viewing quality for your virtual guests. Up to three camera angles give your guests a dynamic experience that helps them feel like they are actually there. Your wedding livestream is backed by broadcast-grade gear from the video switcher to the HDMI cables.


Robust Internet

A strong internet connection is the most important, and most difficult component to a steady livestream. We developed a network bonding system to combine multiple internet sources to create an incredibly fast and reliable internet connection. If one connection slows down or fails, the others will pick up the slack.

Share the Experience

While you have the option to stream directly to a website, we recommend Zoom as the streaming platform. Most people are familiar with the software and you can chat with your guests during the event!


See for yourself!

All footage for this video was taken from the actual Zoom recording. Music was written by the Groom, Q Furnald




Comprehensive streaming solution

  • 1 hour stream

  • 3 professional video cameras

  • Wireless Microphones

  • Robust wireless internet connection

  • Livestream recording

  • Up to 100 guests


Make it Yours!

A La Carte options to customize your Wedding

  • Extra Hours  

  • 101 - 500 guests 

  • 501 - 1000 guests      

  • Ticketed Event     

  • Add music/audio

$100 /hr





The Fine Print

We don't like surprises or hidden fees. These are the ONLY scenarios we charge for.

Travel: We love to travel, but if traveling takes us far away, we have to account for gas, food, and lodging. If the event takes us greater than 100 miles from our office address (measured by Google Maps), we will add $150 to your invoice.

Electricity: We require two properly grounded and maintained 15 amp, 120V electrical outlets, within 100 ft of our setup space, in order to power our DJ equipment. These outlets cannot be shared with other power-hungry appliances such as A/C units, heaters, heating lamps, cooking equipment, or a high-quantity of lights. If this can't be provided by the venue then we will rent a sufficiently powerful generator and keep it 100ft from the dance area. We will add $400 to your invoice for rental, insurance, gas, and transport.

Mic-drop: Unfortunately we have to add this. Don't drop our mics! Because we provide the highest quality microphones for your ceremony and toasts, they are very expensive, and don't like being abused. If any of our microphones are intentionally dropped by any guest, you are responsible for a $250 fee so that we can get the microphone professionally inspected and repaired if need be.

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